52 Ancestors 52 Weeks: Week 11 & 12: Large Family & 12

I definitely come from a large family. My mom was one of 12. Which in turn I had 28 cousins to grow up with :-). It was always fun during the holidays. We would get together Easter and Thanksgiving in Western MD, at my Aunt Ann’s house. A lot of great memories there… My Uncle Hubert would make mashed potatoes in that big green Tupperware bowl and tell us he mashed them with his toes. We had two tables, one for all the kids and one for the adults. It was always crazy, but fun!

52 Weeks 52 Ancestors, Week 9 “At the Courthouse”

I went to the courthouse in Keyser, WV in 2000, while at a family reunion.  I spent hours looking at records.  I found the entry for my mom’s birth records.  It said “baby Moore” F.  They didn’t name her because they were not sure that she was going to live.  (The hardships that our ancestors went through were hard!)  Well she lived and here I am.  No one ever went back to add her name.

Then, I went on to find my grandparents deed for their property, which I was so excited to find…I loved the way they marked the land the corner at the stone pile with the birch tree.

52 Ancestors 52 Weeks: Week 7 “Love”

I love researching!  I love doing genealogy!  I love the online research community!  Everyone that has been so helpful over the years to give me information regarding the families that I am researching!

I remember the early morning hours in 2018.  I had posted a query about my grandmother and Sharon Simms contacted me with 6 generations back to the 1600’s in Germany.  It was so cool! She showed me pictures of the churches where our ancestors worshipped.

Here is her website: https://www.genealogy.com/ftm/s/i/m/Sharon-E-Sims/index.html

chruch in germany

This last year I had been looking for my grandfather’s parents.  I had another person contact me Larry Ellis.  He actually sent me a book on the Ellis family and how my great grandmother tied into my family.


Ending- I love all the researchers out there that are so willing to help one another and share their findings to help one another!

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, Week 6 “Surprise”

“Surprise”,  I have had many wonderful surprises in researching my family over the years.  The very first one was in 2007-2008.  I had been researching my grandmother’s parents Elijah David Cosner and Viola Matilda Cosner.  I had never been able to find out anything on them and that was as far as I had.  I had posted queries on various websites.  Then one early morning when I was up with our last newborn, I received an email from someone in Illinois.  She informed me that my grandmother Augusta was the only child of Elijah David and Viola Matilda.  She then goes on to tell me that she had researched the Cosner/Casner/Kastner family with her grandmother in the churches of Germany.  She sent me 6 generations back to the 1600’s in Germany.  She sent me pictures of the Church in Germany that they went to and were baptized.

Thaleischweiler-Froschen Evangelical Church

chruch in germany

Surprise number two came in 2017.  I was talking with a former classmate that literally we had gone to school together from Kindergarten through 12th grade.  Our families had grown up together in the same neighborhood.  Then he and I began talking about our families from Western Maryland.  His parents grew up in a town in West Virginia , just across the MD state line where my uncle raised his family.  Funny how I had never given it any thought, but my grandmother was buried in his families surname graveyard in W.V.  Than we realized that we had common name in our family tree.  We found out we were 6th cousins 1x removed, which I thought was really wild!